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Books by Frederic Taubes featured on this site

A Judgment of Art - Fact and Fiction
Abracadabra and Modern Art
Acrylic Painting for the Beginner
Antique Finishing for the Beginner

Better Frames for Your Pictures

New Essays on Art
Oil Painting for the Beginner (3 versions)

Painter’s Question & Answer Book
Pen and Ink Drawing
Pictorial Anatomy of the Human Figure
Pictorial Composition and the Art of Drawing
Taubes’ Guide to Oil Painting
Taubes’ Paintings and Essays on Art
The Anatomy of Genius
The Art and Technique of Portrait Painting
The Human Body - Aspects of Pictorial Anatomy
The Illustrated Guide to Great Art of in Europe
The Mastery of Alla Prima Painting
The Mastery of Oil Painting

The Painter’s Question and Answer Book
The Quickest Way to Draw Well
The Quickest Way to Paint Well
The Technique of Landscape Painting
The Technique of Oil Painting
The Technique of Still Life Painting
You Dont Know what You LIke

Other books by Frederic Taubes
Modern Art Sweet or Sour
Oil Painting and Tempera
Painting Techniques Ancient and Modern
Pen and Ink Drawing II
Restoring and Preserving of Antiques
Studio Secrets
The Amateur Painter’s Handbook
The Mastery of Color
The Painter’s Dictionary of Methods and Materials
Books about Frederic Taubes featured on this site

Frederic Taubes
American Artists Group
Odyssey of an Artist
Published by Traffic Sales, 2002

Other books about Frederic Taubes

Modern American Painting
by Peyton Boswell, Jr.
Dodd, Mead, & Co., New York 1939
Painting Techniques of the Masters
by Hereward  Lester Cooke
Watson-Guptill, New York 1972
American Expressionism
by Bram Dijkstra
Harry Abrams, Inc, New York 2003

Painting in the U.S.A.
by Alan Gruskin
Doubleday & Co., New York 1946

Contemporary American Painting
by Grace Pagano
Duell, Sloan & Pearce, New York 1945

The Artist’s Design: Probing the Hidden Order
by Marie MacDonnell Roberts
Fradema Press, Walnut Creek, CA 1993

American Painting Today
by Forbes Watson
American Federation of Arts, New York 1939

Editorial articles about Frederic Taubes

American Artist: ‚ÄúTaubes- A Retrospective‚ÄĚ
by Diana Caselli Hines
Billboard Publications, New York, July 1974

‚ÄúAn Artist Re-emerges‚ÄĚ
by Elliot Ravetz
North Light Publications, Westport CT May 1981

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