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Frederic Taubes (1900‚Äď1981) was a remarkable American artist who achieved success in a number of fields. As a painter and printmaker he won critical acclaim, particularly for his technical virtuosity. Major museums purchased his works, which were shown in more one-man exhibitions than were staged for any other living artist in the United States at that time.
As a writer, Taubes published more than 40 authoritative books about art, many of which became standard texts and bestsellers. Turning his energies to scientific research, he discovered and approximated the painting media used by Flemish masters of the 14th and 15th centuries. In what remained of his time, he was a tireless lecturer and teacher.
This website contains reproductions of many of Taubes' paintings and is a partial record of more than 50 years' creative activity: the artistic outcome of researches, revisions and responses to the world, by an energetic, exacting personality.
Not surprisingly, Taubes’ earliest works differ dramatically in appearance from those created in his later years, documenting an evolutionary progression. What we discover, condensed in the artist's oeuvre, is a record of his self-assigned mission in life, to continue historical traditions of artistic excellence while remaining utterly and unquestionably of his own time.
American Artist, 1900‚Äď1981
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