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Antique Finishing for Beginners
by Frederic Taubes
Published by Watson-Guptill, 1972Contact_Us_at_Frederic_Taubes_Gallery.html
Antique Finishing for Beginners
Antique Finishing for Beginners
By Frederic Taubes
Published by Watson-Guptill, 1972
Liner Notes:

"Everyone who has wanted to own antiques‚ÄĒbut could not afford them‚ÄĒcan now produce these beautiful objects by transforming humble, everyday items of little value. Taubes instructs the beginner in the use of extremely simple, yet amazingly effective antique finishing techniques. These techniques utilize modern spray enamels and acrylic paints that are easy to use and inexpensive, yet produce quick and handsome results.
“After a brief introduction to the history and art of producing antique finishes and patinas, the author describes the tools and materials needed. Then, with step-by-step instructions, Taubes shows how to condition raw wood, repair wooden surfaces, sandpaper surfaces, and fill in minor cracks-all with a minimum of effort. He explains how to create flat finishes on hardwoods and softwoods, stain softwoods with ordinary tea and coffee, and how to produce glossy finishes on wood.
“The author discusses rapid techniques for painting wood, such as glazing, scumbling, and marbling. The simple, yet luxurious technique of gilding wood with metallic spray enamels or a wax-gold compound is also described.
“Taubes shows the novice how to produce an infinite variety of geometric designs using paper templets, spray enamels, and acrylic paints. He also explains how to construct and use a paper templet, as well as how to create effective borders for designs with masking tape and markers.

“With easy-to-follow diagrams, Taubes explains the step-by-step refinishing of eight ordinary pieces of furniture: a chest of drawers, a cabinet, a small bench, a side table, a chest, a door, a highboy, and a chair. The finishing of wooden picture frames is also demonstrated.
“Finally, Taubes teaches some simple procedures for producing patinas on objects of copper, bronze, and brass. He further shows how to repair and restore objects made of terracotta, limestone, marble, and cement.

136 pages. 7 x 10. 69 black and white illustrations. 20 full color plates. Index."
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